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                 Huizhou Chuanghua Industrial Co., Ltd. founded in 2010, is located in the beautiful Goose city - Huizhou,As a high-tech enterprise, ChuangHua, an explorer and has been vanguard in the field, has transformed into a technology enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of all kinds of electromagnetic devices。ChuangHua has several subordinate enterprises (including HuiChang ChuangHua Electronics Factory , HuiZhou ChuanHua Magnetoelectric Co., Ltd. ), with more than 600 employees, covering an area of about 10500 ㎡, and owning more than 200 sets of various advanced instruments and equipment.To provide customers with fast, efficient, professional electromagnetic devices with support and technical services; Automated technology to ensure more stable supply and adopt advanced technology to create value for customers;

                 At present, the company's business includes three parts:1. Automotive electromagnetic devices, mainly used in automotive electronic control module, automotive DC motor EMI components, etc;2. Non-contact identification antenna (RF antenna for near-field communication), which is mainly used in non-contact induction antenna of financial payment POS machine (13.56MHz) and non-conduct identification induction antenna of smart home (2.4G);3. Transformers (40W ~ 3000W), which are mainly used in industrial control equipment power supply, medical equipment power supply, household appliances, PC power supply and other traditional applications, as well as new energy vehicle applications, photovoltaic energy storage applications, high voltage DC electromagnetic applications and other emerging markets;

               Our status in the industry has been steadily rising, and our products have not only reached many provinces and cities in China, but also are exported to Japan and Korea, Europe, the United States and other places, and served a number of well-known enterprises at home and abroad, ChuangHua with excellent quality and services, has won the customers consistent praise.

            Tel: 0752-2822619
            Fax: 0752-5313209
            Mob: 13800138000
            E-mail: sale@??hzchuanghua.com
            Website: http://www.geyudz.cn
            Zip code: 516001
            Addr: 惠州市惠城區小金口街道辦事處金業街62號廠房
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            Addr:惠州市惠城區小金口街道辦事處金業街62號廠房  Tel:0752-2822619    
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